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Corded conductors Made in Italy

SPECIAL CORDE has been present since 2001. The centre of its activity are technological innovation and high quality standards.

The commitment and the collaboration with the customer together with the agile organization of the company make it possible to produce any type of corded conductor in the area of conductors for windings of electric machines, for outputs of transformers or for special reactors.

In order to guarantee the highest quality, SPECIAL CORDE manufactures with totally electronically controlled deterrent planetary lines and with in-line wrapping heads. This particular process allows to obtain perfectly regular cords without any internal tension.

SPECIAL CORDE focuses on the needs of the customer with the study, research and development of new products in collaboration with the same (codesign), paying the utmost attention to service and flexibility.

Through a vast marketing and sales organization, SPECIAL CORDE is present internationally. It’s products are present in various types of electric machines:


Solid wires insulated

Semi-rigid ropes

Flexible ropes